My journey to my fit self began at the age of fifty. I was never obese, nor did I ever have any reason to be concerned about my weight. However, as I aged, I noticed a slow creep of weight gain that did not want to budge.


Around my fiftieth birthday I completed a couple of rounds of a well known 12 week online body transformation programme. In hindsight, whilst this type of programme is less than ideal, it did get me into the gym and went along way to kickstarting my fitness journey. It was at the gym that I noticed my now trainer, Sandra Waters from Natural Resistance Training working with her clients. I nervously approached her and asked her to train me.


That was almost five years ago. Since then, Resistance Training has completely altered my body composition. Whilst never a heavy person, I was that classic skinny fat girl with very little muscle. At 173 cm tall and weighing around 65 kilos, my BF sat at around 30%. Since then I have gained around four kilos of muscle. I have also experienced life as a figure competitor- something I could never have envisioned my self doing.


I am currently the fittest and leanest I have ever been. I am 55 years old this week and I truly believe that change can occur at any age. I cannot imagine life without my training. It’s become such a integral part of who I am and I firmly believe that I am creating a happy and healthy future for myself as I continue to age.

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Michelle Martin

At about 45 years of age I thought I was at the end of my life. 96kg and numerous health issues, walking was even becoming a struggle. I'd been on the waiting list to have my size G breasts reduced and the day finally came and I was transformed, well the top half of me anyway. I then decided there was more to life than waiting to die so I set out to bring the rest of my body in to line with my new B cup girlies.


The first thing to adjust was my diet, Id always been the fat kid and had been constantly told to leave nothing on my plate. Well my plate size halved. I set about working my arse off to become a strong, fit 50 year old and a positive role model for my grand babies. 

I'd soon lost 30kg so I got a tummy tuck, but it didn't stop there. At 50 I went to uni and got my nutritional
medicine degree and entered my first figure comp.


I'd always looked at fit strong women and thought god I'd love to look like that so I looked into the different Feds and comps. I then approached a PT at my local gym and we got underway. I stepped on stage 40kg lighter and about 30 years younger. My first comp prep, although getting results, was not ideal. I struggled with a severe calorie deficit limited strength and no reverse out diet.


I almost went back to my old ways but I then found a wonderful supportive coach, Sandra Waters from Natural Resistance Training and have built some solid muscle and lost a lot of stubborn body fat. It makes a huge difference having a coach who has competed and is also nutritionally trained. I'm looking forward to competing in June - moving up from figure division to female body building. Exciting Times! 

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Chris Arico

Chris came to Travis feeling a little fluffy and not so confident in his appearance. Travis and Chris set a plan in motion to lean him down gradually to see him reach his desired look.


The diet consisted of Moderate protein, moderate carb and moderate fats.. As they progressed deeper into the diet, the diet alternated days of protein, carbs and fats.... with just protein and fats.... and eventually.. Protein and fats on all days.


Cardio started low and was gradually increased as the weeks went by, incorporating some high intensity intervals and also some moderate steady state cardio.

Cheat meals and refeeds were not very common..things seemed to move along in terms of fat loss fairly well and strength stayed put so there wasn't too much of a need.

Over the course of the plan, Chris had approximately 3 cheat meals and one very high carb refeed day along the way.


This transformation took 17 weeks and the total weight loss was approximately 18 kilos.

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Damien Katris

Damien led a busy lifestyle. As a Marketing Consultant, Damien focussed on his career and didn't prioritise going to the gym or eating healthy. 

When Damien met Chad, he was mildly obese and hadn't really trained before. However once he started, he took to it with the same passion he had for his work. Instantly he was successful and was looking for more challenging goals.


Damien proves that hard work can overcome genetics (he was clearly and endomorph body type). In his first contest Damien placed in 3 different divisions. 2 years later, he became an Australian representative and an INBA pro and represents an example of an ideal physique competitor body profile.


With his newfound passion for bodybuilding, Damien has found that the determination he has put into bodybuilding has resulted in him being even more successful in his career, leading him to start a company Trim Fit. Though busier than he's ever been,  he is still able to maintain fitness even while suffering a severe knee injury.


We are very much looking forward to seeing Damien onstage again in Season B 2017.

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Kristy Shaw

After having her third child in 2007, Kristy struggled with her weight for many years. In 2013, she decided that she’d had enough of living the unhealthy lifestyle of bad food and alcohol and wanted to set a good example for her children. So slowly over the following 2 years, Kristy dedicated herself to living a healthier lifestyle and as a result lost over 35kg.


Once she lost the initial weight, Kristy decided she wanted to take on the challenge of competing.  She engaged Karen Plum in 2015, who transformed her into a fitness competitor. Through good nutrition, her strength increased and she was recovering quicker between training sessions and her elusive 100kg deadlift was smashed with an additional 20kg. She felt the best she ever felt in her life.


The goal of competing was a personal goal to prove to her 3 girls that if you set your mind to anything you can go out and smash it! So in 2016, Kristy competed in the All Female Classic as a Fitness model.  Although she didn’t place, the judge’s feedback received was that her conditioning was some of the best they had seen.


Although Kristy has decided not to compete in 2017 to concentrate on her daughter’s last year of schooling, she still have Karen’s guidance and knowledge to push her towards a bigger and better physique to step on stage as a Figure Model.


Kristy’s always working hard at chasing these goals and she’s glad she has Karen and her #teamkazza family behind her.


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Emily Morse

Emily would regularly go to the gym and that’s where she met her now husband. He was just getting into bodybuilding and over the next year she watched him stick to healthy and balanced nutrition and change his lifestyle. As a party girl who liked to drink and smoke on weekends, this really inspired Emily to take it to the next level. 


Emily’s focus was to gain the look of a pro Bikini athlete and began training with Daniel Tramontana in March 2015. Since then, Emily has transformed her physique from 26.7% body fat down to a maintainable 12-13% body fat and has put on 8.3kg of lean muscle. She has competed in 7 competitions including international and has taken 4 first places and placing high in others. Emily is currently preparing for the Arnold Classic in 2017. 


We look forward to seeing you compete again next year @em.beraldo !


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Christian Dickson

After being inspired by those that competed earlier this year, Christian approached me about diet and training as he wanted to undertake a 12 week transformation. 


Sitting at approximately 89kg, he wanted a tighter sharper look so together we devised a plan that would work based on his lifestyle. Being a public figure in Local Government is hard keep to a structure so his diet and training had to be flexible. 


In the final week we got him down to 71.6kg and looking incredibly sharp. His next goal

Is to reverse out over Christmas and is looking at the INBA Rookie Titles in May as his first show.


Great result Christian (@sunnycoastchristian). We look forward to seeing you at your first show next year!


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Zoe Sandor

At 21 years of age Zoe Sandor came to Iron Body weighing 57.9kg at 25.4% body fat and competed at 53.3kg at 15.4% body fat so only losing 4.6kg but building muscle and losing fat in the process.


We knew from the outset that it was the role of the training to achieve the physical shape we wanted and the role of the diet to condition her into stage condition suitable to her class. This was achieved by taking her initial deadlift from 45kg to 107kg amongst other strength training performance increases.


Her focus is to bring an even more developed physique into 2017 Season A and is well on track with more muscle and currently consuming 2400 calories at a body weight of 57.7kg and 19% body fat.


Cardio isn't, hasn't and will never be used as Zoe trains to look the way she wants and diets to achieve the condition we want. Now to add another progress shot and more trophies for 2017 in what may be sports model / fitness given her progress.

Congratulations Zoe Sandor (@zoerebecca_) on your achievements so far!

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