Athlete Profile: Crissi Carvalho

Age:  44

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Years Training: I started in 1989 and worked in the fitness industry until 2000, then I returned mid 30s and then again 4 years ago 2012.

Day Job: Online Vegan International Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach and author

Recent Competition History:

  • Arnold Classic Europe 2017:

    • Bikini Masters Qualified

    • Bikini Opens Qualified

  • Arnold Classic Australia 2017:

    • 4th Place Bikini Masters

    • 3rd Place Bikini Opens

  • 2016 Arnold Classic Asia

    • ​6th Finalist Bikini Masters
  • 2016 IFBB Australasia

    • 1st Place Bikini Masters​

  • 2016 Arnold Classic Australia

    • 1st Place Bikini Masters

  • Over 25 competitions completed in the last 4 years across a number of Federations 

What is your background?

Fitness industry all my life, a short stint as an interior designer (6 years) and a rock climbing business.

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

When I was 16-17 years old, I wanted to be in the fitness industry and wanted to be toned and strong.

When did you first decide to compete?

I did my first competition at 19 years old, a natural progression from being a personal trainer and wanting to get the edge.

What does competiting look like for you so far?

Competing for isn’t just my hobby, it is my sport and my passion. It is to better myself whilst showing what is possible at any age and as a Vegan. Through competing I have been able to inspire so many around the world to get fitter, stronger and healthier plus many have transitioned to Veganism through my activism and lifestyle. Being a little older, and a mother people resonate with my message.

What inspires you?

Everything I mentioned above and helping people get healthy whilst saving animal lives and creating a better world for all. Truly, it sounds cliché, but I definitely feel good karma has come from my efforts.

What is your advice to a new competitor?

Ask yourself ‘why’ you want to compete. It should be more than aesthetics, because this sport is about hard work, sculpting, experimenting with techniques and a lot of sacrifice. It is about enjoying the journey…because the ONE day goes very fast. If it is just about that ONE day, then expect to get depressed and regress afterwards. Competing on stage won’t make you famous nor change your life, the journey will.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

I have NO set routine, however each week I do the following.

Calisthenics 2-3 times, Pilates 1-2 times, beach walks/jogs x2, weights 3-4 times, rock climbing or obstacles 1-2 times, stretching 1-2 times, dog walks everyday.

What is your favourite exercise?

Chin ups or Planche or any Ninja Warrior obstacle.

What is your least favourite exercise?

Squats and Burpees.

Do you have a training tip you can share?

Quality, high intensity like super sets, drop sets, and shorter sessions 30-45mins max.

What is your favourite Cheat Meal?

I don’t eat cheat meals, I eat love meals (what I call them with my clients) food that always nourish my body. Acai Bowl, Spelt vegan pizza, avocado on/in anything, love my Papaya every day and chocolate of course!

What are you planning on doing next?

Releasing my next Vegan Fitness Foods meal prep ebook and competing at the Arnold Classic Spain in September. I also, have various Vegan festivals engagements, I will be speaking at and other projects similar coming up as well.

How can people contact you?