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14 Oct: ANB International: Auckland

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29 Sep: ICN Nth QLD Championships: QLD

30 Sep: ICN NSW State Championships: NSW

30 Sep: ICN Ballarat Eureka Muscle Showdown: VIC

6 Oct: ICN WA State Championships: WA

6 & 7 Oct: ICN QLD State Championships: QLD

12 -14 Oct: ICN Aust Pro Show & Aust National Titles: VIC

27&28 Oct: ICN World Championships: QLD

Sep: Musclemania: TBC

1 Sep: NABBA WFF 2018 South Australian Titles: SA

23 Sep: NABBA WFF 2018 Victorian: VIC

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We've done our best to provide accurate dates for compeitions. Make sure you check your dates on the Federation websites and Facebook pages to verify dates as these can change. 
Also if you are interested in competing internationally, International shows are also held every year. Please see the Federations Page for links to the AU & NZ Federations where more information can be found. 

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